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22 years of experience in developing and producing connectors

Specializing in R&D, production and sales of precision earphone holders, SIM card holders, T-F decks, shrapnel, Type-c & micro USB, medical connectors, power sockets, BTB, etc.

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Strong enterprise, advanced R&D center, strong team

Seiko manufacturing

Seiko manufacturing

Precision production, including rapid mold change, rapid change of mold core and rapid change of production line, connection between departments and departments, connection between each part of products, employees and employees The convergence between the two, to achieve accurate and realistic, precision production .

Lean production

Lean production

Lean production, no best, only better, continuous improvement, continuous improvement, and better. Improvement never ends.

Automation, machine replacement

Automation, machine replacement

Automation, machine replacement, standardized production must be automated production, people do non-standard products. From assembly to inspection packaging, unified automation. Only one precision headphone jack has been reduced from the original 10 to 5 now.



Informatization, the factory introduced Several technology information system, , so that every step of the factory is neat and tidy, the production time of the machine, the number of mold changes, the production time of the mold, the maintenance, the number of repairs, Better meet customer requirements, Several technology development of mobile app, so that customers can know the supplier's inventory, production cycle, quality abnormalities, etc., better than the customer.

Traditional Culture

Traditional Culture

The company's core values: convinced of causality, practice the disciples of the company's vision: to become a school-type enterprise mission of practicing Confucianism: to cultivate a sound and honest gentleman, a social pillar with both ability and political integrity. Spirit: sincerity, equality, fraternity. Traditional culture is a bridge, a spiritual soul that is connected above 4 points, and is the core of the company.


We are professional, trustworthy, innovative and honest.

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Dongguan getwell Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Taiwei Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, a famous historical city (Note 1). Focus on the development, production and sales of precision headphone jacks and connectors. The products are used in well-known mobile phones, learning machines, computers and other electronic products. There are more than 500 employees in the company, with an output value of about 50 million yuan and a factory area of 12,000 square meters.

The main sales areas of the products: Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Suzhou and other places. The company's main customers: the company's main customers: BBK system (BBK, OPPO, VIVO), Lenovo Mobile, Shanghai Huaqin, Goer Acoustics, Noah, Huayang Group, Fei Ao, Sang Geer, Kuai Yi Dian, Xu Ji / Xu Li, An Yue, Shen Chuang, Shu Lang, Yi Dao, Cool Sai, Duo Wei, Li Xun, Yi Peng, Beijing Yi Cheng, etc... More+

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  • What is the structure and principle of the touch button switch?
    What is the structure and principle of the touch button switch?

    The tact switch is similar to the button switch, but the strokes of the two are different. The stroke of the button switch is longer than the tap switch. The tap indicates the amount of force used by the switch. You can change the switch contact without touching the force. State, the switch power can only be maintained after the original state is removed. The button switch has its own lock, which can maintain long-pass and long-break, and lock the circuit through the mechanical device of the switch itself.

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  • How to identify the market two mobile phones? Pay attention to these details to make you avoid being pitted
    How to identify the market two mobile phones? Pay attention to these details to make you avoid being pitted

    Nowadays, the frequency of the mobile phone market is getting faster and faster, and new mobile phones with new functions are often appeared in a very short period of time, which prompts people to constantly change their mobile phones, which means that the original mobile phones face The fate of elimination.

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Traditional Culture

Convinced of causality, practicing the discipline of the disciples

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